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The benefits of testing, even under a deadline

We have to ship this feature in 2 weeks! Do we have time to test? In this episode we talk through this scenario and share some benefits of testing even under the press...

When to calculate a value versus when to store it in the database

For some values, it can be tricky to know whether it's better to calculate it on the fly or when to calculate it once and store in the database. We talk through a rece...

Should I use an event/listener or a model observer?

We share a few rules that help guide us to determine when to manually fire an event versus when to wire up a model observer.

How we wrap up a project

Wrapping up our series on how we work, we talk through the end of a project and how to make sure there are no surprises.

Don't be afraid to change your mind

You learned a best practice, and it served you well. Is it set in stone? Or should you be open to re-evaluate later?

The proper way to argue

We've all had disagreements about how to write or organize code, or how a feature should work. We share some tips on how to discuss it productively.

What makes a good staging environment?

Setting up a useful staging environment involves a number of choices. We discuss our preferred strategies and talk about why having a staging environment is a good thing.

Your project is not special

This isn't meant to be an insult. It's actually a good thing that your project isn't completely unique, and you can benefit from what other people have already learned.

Planning out a week of work

Continuing our series on "how we work", today we finally get to the dev work. How we organize it, plan it, and communicate with the project stakeholders.

A few things to watch for with Laravel policies

Aaron shares a few things that he's bumped into with policies in his apps, and we talk through some possible solutions or processes to help avoid them.

Onboarding a new project

When you inherit a project, how do you draw a balance before making everything nice to work with and delivering value to the stakeholders?

Paying down technical debt

Is all technical debt bad? Can it serve a valuable purpose? We share our opinions along with some tips on how to be strategic when paying down technical debt in your p...

Knowing when and how to try something new

You just attended a conference or finished a book/course and you're all excited to try out some new "best practice". We discuss how to balance this enthusiasm with the...

Wireframe before coding

As developers, coding is the fun part, but we share why we like to slow down and take some time to wireframe before diving into the editor

Continuous integration doesn't have to be hard

Maybe "continuous integration" sounds like a complex thing to setup. We explain why it doesn't have to be, how to start small, and what the benefits are.

Deciding what to build

So someone has asked you to build an app, or add a feature to an app. How do you decide exactly what to build and how much to charge? We share our approach to these im...

Are your logs too noisy?

Logs and error trackers are a vital tool for maintaining a production app. But if you're not careful, they can get so noisy they stop providing value. We discuss a few...

How we decide whether or not to take on something new

This episode is a little different. We take a peek behind the scenes as to how we qualify projects, and the sorts of things you might think about before deciding wheth...

Are you allowed to do that?

Roles and permissions are a core part of most applications. Laravel provides some tools for managing and enforcing this, and third party packages provide even more fea...

Are you a Laravel developer or a PHP developer?

When you're building a Laravel app, you're writing PHP code, but you're dealing with many patterns and conveniences provided by Laravel. So where do you draw the line ...

Should developers have access to production?

> Developer: "I just need to SSH in real quick" > Server admin: "No" Have you had this discussion? Listen in as Joel and Aaron talk about their experience on teams...

Pick a coding standard, any one will do

Where should I place this curly brace? Trailing commas or not? Have you encountered disagreements about coding standards on your team. In this episode we explain the b...

The art of asking and answering questions

We've all been stuck with something we didn't know. Should you ask for help? And how? Or if someone on your team asks you a question, how can you handle it best? We di...

Testing 1 ... 2 ... 3, let's talk testing

What are the big 3 types of tests we use on our projects? How do we decide which to use? Listen in as we discuss this and more.

Guarded vs fillable, fight!

It's no tabs versus spaces, but it's close. Do you use guarded or fillable in your Laravel models? Aaron and Joel share their default approach, as well as several reas...

Don't ignore that pain!

It's easy to get used to things that cause us friction or pain in our development process. In this episode, we discuss how to avoid that trap and how to evaluate when ...

Validation is your friend

Validation may seem boring, but it's a vital part of any Laravel application. Joel and Aaron share some tips on validation along with exciting news about a new resourc...

Always be ready to hand off the project

Why is it important to think about a future project hand-off at the beginning of a client relationship? Aaron and Joel share their approach.

Finding and fixing a performance issue

Last episode we discussed how to deal with a "slow app" complaint. This episode we discuss some technical approaches to find and fix the issue.

Someone said my app is slow. Now what?

The dreaded support ticket gets filed: App is slow! Before you get defensive or close as "Won't fix", consider a few tips on how to successfully approach this situation.

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