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Finding and fixing a performance issue

Last episode we discussed how to deal with a "slow app" complaint. This episode we discuss some technical approaches to find and fix the issue.

Someone said my app is slow. Now what?

The dreaded support ticket gets filed: App is slow! Before you get defensive or close as "Won't fix", consider a few tips on how to successfully approach this situation.

How long does it take to get your project running?

Aaron and Joel have joined a fair number of projects over the years. Listen as they share some tips on how to make process less painful for your team.

Is it a good idea to install that package?

Laravel and PHP have a rich ecosystem, but it's good to weigh the pros and cons before reaching for a new package. We share some things to consider.

Where do I start making things better?

Where are some good starting points for modernizing and improving a legacy codebase? Joel and Aaron discuss a few ideas where you could start.

How long is that going to take?

The eternal question that every developer hears: How long is that going to take? Aaron and Joel discuss some ways to frame that question, and how to provide an estimate that will avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Getting started with a legacy codebase

Stepping into an unfamiliar codebase with a long history can be a challenge. Aaron and Joel share some tips on how to get started and build confidence that you're making things better.

Why even review when my code is perfect?

Some shy away from code review, not wanting to be critiqued. Aaron and Joel share some tips on how to get the most out of code reviews, and things to look for as a code reviewer.

Are you testing me?

Aaron and Joel talk about why they write tests and what sorts of tests they find valuable.

What is the one true way to do this?

We discuss a couple scenarios where there's more than one way to do something, and how we think through our decision.

Did you just tell me to read the manual?

How do you learn a new technology? Or how do you find out what's changed in the latest version of something you already use? Aaron and Joel share some tips on what they do.

Do you have a clear mental model?

The technologies we work with are extremely detailed. Without a clear mental model of how things work together, it's easy to get lost or confused.

The best argument is no argument

Disagreements and debate can sap your team's energy. We'll talk about some ways to avoid unnecessary conflicts, and how to successfully handle a difference of opinion on your team.

What's with these flaky tests?

Croissants are great because they're flaky, but no one likes a flaky test. We share some strategies on how to make your tests more reliable.

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