Tools should work for you, not boss you around

PHPStan is a great tool, but if you're not careful it might push you to write code in a way you wouldn't normally write it. How can you balance a tool's strengths with your team's style of writing code?

  • (00:00) - We really like PHPStan
  • (01:30) - Can you go too far with a tool, though?
  • (03:40) - Things to consider if you're newer to Laravel or PHP
  • (05:30) - PHPStan has helped us find bugs
  • (06:25) - Accessing route parameters in a type-safe way
  • (09:22) - Know how the tool works, to make it work for you
  • (11:13) - Return types on controller actions
  • (14:22) - Silly bit

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