Avoid painting yourself into a corner

We've all been there: a thorny piece of code works, but it seems like there must be a better way to simplify it or make it more readable. We share one example when this happened to us, and how code review led to a better solution.

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  • 00:16 The problem: this code works, but I don't like it
  • 01:17 What we mean by "I don't like this code"
  • 02:22 A specific example of code I didn't like
  • 03:52 Code review sparks a discussion, and a solution
  • 05:20 Principle: don't get locked in to your first approach
  • 06:03 Principle: the benefits of code review
  • 07:22 Don't be defensive, and the code reviewer isn't always right
  • 08:03 Silly bit
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